Paperback book  2001 160 pages  $15

Renowned jazz percussionist, drum educator and innovator, Sam Ulano shares his over 80 years of life lessons and music business experience with us and reveals his secrets for a rich, healthy, and satisfying life.

Sam’s an outspoken and independent individual who followed his dream to be a professional drummer;  in this book he tells us how he got to the top of his field and also how he remains there - even outliving many of his family, colleagues and students.  His longevity in educating some of the finest drummers and performers in the top New York City jazz clubs and the New York City school system is legendary.

Sam shares his tenets about being in good physical and mental condition, the importance of steady dedication to improving yourself in your field, and how believing in yourself is the key to it all.  He writes, that with perseverance and focus, we can achieve just about anything we put our minds to.

Sam provides us with a tool box of ideas that we can use to live our best life by sharing his own philosophy - the distillation of his 80-year search for a system that really works.  He lives his ideology and gladly shares it with others.  The book is packed with practical wisdom

and inspiration for everyone.   

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Paperback book  2005  225 pages   $16

In his second life-philosophy book, Sam gives us clear insight into his down-to-earth system for success that has served him so well in his 75-year professional musical career and in over 80 years of life. 

Sam’s wit and direct style fills this book with good tips, observations and advice - almost like you were sitting with him in person.  He shares valuable accumulated wisdom on how to be physically and mentally healthy and how to enrich your life at any age.   He  expounds on how having a system for work and life can help us to get better at what we do, and how a good system can help us to be successful at what we do.

Each page contains a different topic, so you can read and stop wherever you want.   Sam has lots of thoughts on getting old, staying young, always enjoying life, and following your passion.  His book gives you a road map to aging well, managing your health, your money and your attitude.

After writing his first book, “I Love What I Do!”, new ideas kept coming out of his always-ruminating brain, and his fingers kept continuing to type.  We’re fortunate to have a Sam Ulano who is so talented, prolific and generous in sharing his unique and valuable outlook and philosophy on life with others.  You don’t have to be a senior to learn from this book.

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