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On July 21, 2010  Sam appeared on Seven Second Delay, a live show  at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Manhattan:

Free form station WFMU Radio in Jersey City, NJ has an amazing archive of old radio shows that they’ve preserved for listeners to access

We found an old radio interview of Sam with Irwin Chusid originally broadcast on February 8, 2006.  Here is the entire interview (2 hours long):

Here are some clips from that interview:

December 15, 1991

The Three Bears live on WFMU 12/15/91, Nick Hill's Live Music Faucet     0:35:25

More Moondog Duet with Sam on Japanes Drums with Moonddog on OO drums and trimbas in 1956

Irwin Chusid interview with Sam before his 86th birthday

Sam playing The Three Pigs from Drum Fairy Tales:

Sam with Moondog on Dust

for other interviews with Irwin Chusid on WFMU:

scatting on Happy Birthday:

Sam on his students/the drumming yenta:

Drum Language from Sam’s Drum Fairy Tales:

Music journalist Chip Stern sent this audio clip of a drum solo

by Sam produced and recorded by Chip Stern & Tom McGrath

at Tom Tom Studios, NYC, 1989